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6 Common Drywall Installation Myths Busted With Facts!

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Building or renovating your home requires money, time, and skills. You have to decide everything from choosing the size and texture of bathroom tiles to selecting a reliable and experienced drywall contractor in Durham NC.
Indeed, it’s a lot up on your sleeves. Without drifting away from the subject, which is the most common myth, you heard about drywalls–

Drywall installation is expensive,

Only big companies ensure a good finishing of Drywall,

Or are all drywall screws the same?

Irrespective of what you’ve heard or read, it’s time to put those misbeliefs in the bin and focus on the process precisely. Keep reading.

Stop Believing the Following Myths About Drywalls Now!

Are you taking up the drywall installation job in your hands? Then you must know it’s not a straightforward task. It requires precision, skill, and, yes, your efforts. Or, if you want expert guidance, Perfect Industrials is here to help.
That’s why we have taken up the job to demystify the common myths circling our job. Installing Drywall to enhance your room’s overall appearance is your choice, but knowing facts and myths is your right as a consumer.
So, here’s our list of myths that everyone needs to be aware of–

Myth-1 There’s no difference between Drywall

Fact: Not at all. Drywalls are created differently to serve different purposes. Just like homes and buildings have varied use, so do drywalls.
Generally, you can find variations based on thickness levels, moisture or fire resistance properties, etc. For example– blue-tinted drywalls are perfect for damp areas like bathrooms. In contrast, fire-resistant drywalls are designed for places that have safety concerns.

Myth-2 Anyone can Install Drywall

Fact: Until or unless there is a great shortage of help, consider not to DIY Drywall. Believe it or not, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.
Installing Drywall is more complex than it may seem. It requires a certain level of skill and precision to correctly measure, cut, and secure the drywall panels for a smooth finish leaving no gaps. You should know which screw size will patch the board correctly and the right direction to fix it.
Instead of going through all the hassle, search for the best Drywall Contractors in Durham, NC. With reliable support and guidance, the complicated process will become as seamless as admiring your place.

Myth-3 Taping & Mudding are Optional

Fact: Wrong; stop believing it now. Rather than asking about the significance of taping and mudding, you should focus on what kind of tape will stick the panels efficiently.
Despite these words’ unpleasantness, mudding and taping are essential for drywall finishing. Ignoring these means sending an open invitation to unsightly cracks and uneven surfaces.
Therefore, skipping this part is not an option if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your place. Both methods are used for finishing purposes, where tape (whether mesh or paper) is applied over the seams to prevent cracks, and mudding ensures a seamless appearance.

Myth-4 More Screws & Nails Means More Stability

Fact: Ever heard– too many chefs spoil the dish? The exact proverb applies here. You may think using screws and nails excessively would fix the Drywall; however, the over-securing technique actually weakens its structure.
Leave this ‘more is better’ approach and follow the standard spacing guidelines. To ensure the durability and longevity of the Drywall, you need to balance precision and technique, not fasteners.
Bonus Tip: Experts consider spacing around 12 to 16 inches for nails and screws along the studs. At the same time, the edges of the drywall panels should be secured within 8 inches of the edge.

Myth-5 Drywalls should be Installed Flush to the Floor

Contrary to popular belief, it’s advisable to leave a gap of around ½ inches between the bottom of the Drywall and the floor. It accommodates minor movements in the building structures that happen over time, preventing cracks in the downward edge of the panels. This flexibility will create buffer space, allowing ample room for the Drywall to shift.
However, it puts many in doubt regarding the appearance of their space. No one likes to ruin their homes aesthetically. That’s why we suggest maintaining consistency throughout the end of the wall and using baseboards or moldings to conceal the gaps.

Myth-6 You can Install Drywalls Directly on Studs

Fact: You can try doing this, but the result will be an uneven surface. Drywall professionals know the significance of additional support, so they don’t rely solely on studs.
Because studs only provide vertical stability causing structural issues like sagging. To avoid this, experts introduce horizontal blocking between the studs, ensuring smooth and durable drywall installation.
As a result wall’s capacity to withstand wear and tear increases, requiring lesser repairs and new installations.

Let Drywall Contractors in Durham, NC, do it for you!

Considering all the nuances involved in the drywall installation, thinking you might pull it off yourself will put you in a tight spot. Simply because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.
In addition to the above myths, plenty of other misconceptions make your job harder than it seems to be. Lacking skills is only one reason you need to hire professional drywall contractors in Durham NC, but it’s not the only one. There are other things, such as finding the right side to install Drywall and the size of nails you need during this laborious process.
Having eye and hand coordination is a must in your skill set here.
If all this sounds confusing, leave the task to our team. We have years of experience ensuring drywall installation at your place is flawless and durable, saving you time, effort, and lots of headaches.


Distinguishing facts from myths is the first step to making an informed decision for your interior spaces. The next step is to hire expert Drywall Contractors in NC, where we can help you.
No task is too big or small for us; we’ll do a well-executed drywall job and turn your place into a stunning living space. Get a quote from us today.

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