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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Perfect Industrial Privacy Policy

Since 1991, we have been your trusted partner for painting, drywall installation, roofing, and plumbing service providers. We are also dedicated to safeguarding and respecting your privacy. 
This Privacy Policy explains how we gather, utilize, and disclose personal information from users of our services, including our website. Please go through this Privacy Policy attentively.
When you use our website, you agree to this Policy’s rules. If you disagree with these rules, please refrain from using our website. Just looking at this Policy on our website is different from agreeing to it unless you go on to use our website for other purposes. We might make changes to this Policy now and then.

What Information We Collect?

At Perfect Industrial, our team may gather and handle these sorts of personal details about you:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Information from your social media profiles
  • Details we pick up when you’re on our website, like your domain name, IP address, the kind of device you’re using, who provides your internet, when you visit our site, which sites sent you to us, and the pages on our site that you check out.
  • Things you tell us through our website, social media pages, or other ways.
Information We Collect Directly From You

We at Perfect Industrial might gather your  information directly from you in the following ways:

  • When You Use Our Site: We might get the information you provide when you do things on our site, like filling out forms to get estimated costs, signing up for services, answering surveys, sharing stuff, or downloading content.
  • When You Reach Out to Us: If you contact us through calls, emails, text messages, or social media, we could collect what you share.
  • From Social Media: If you connect with our social media or use our site through your social media account, we might gather information you’ve shared publicly on your account settings. This includes feedback from our customers and the public on social media.
Information We Collect Automatically

Below is the information that we collect automatically from you is as follows:

  • Using Tech Tools: Our site might use cookies and tracking tools. These tools help us collect details about visitors to our site. A cookie is a small piece of data sent to your browser and stored on your computer. A tracking tool is a graphic that loads when you visit a site or open an email, helping us track your actions. 

We assure you that your information is safe with us, and you do not have to worry about your data’s privacy.

Use Of Your Information By Perfect Industrials

The information we collect from you and through tools is put to good use in several ways:

  • Running and Improving Our Site: We and our partners work together to ensure our site runs smoothly. We use the info we gather to make our site better.
  • Learning More About You: We analyze the data to understand our customers better. This helps us improve what we offer, like our products and services.
  • Handling Purchases: When you buy our services, we use your info to process and manage your purchase.
  • Customer Service and Engagement: If you contact us with questions or comments, we use your info to respond. We might also share your feedback on our social media pages. Plus, we keep you in the loop about special deals and offers you might like.
  • Developing and Improving Services: Your info helps us create and improve our services, ensuring they suit your needs.
  • Interactive Features: If you want to join in on interactive things on our site, your info helps us make that happen.
  • For The Latest Updates: We let you know if changes to our services affect you.
  • Market Research and Targeted Ads: We and our partners might use info from cookies and similar tools to show you ads that match your interests. This might happen online or offline through emails, displays, videos, and mail.
Disclosure of Your Information

We might share your details in these situations:

  • Within Our Group: We could share your info with companies in our group, like our subsidiaries and parent company.
  • Service Providers: We have a team of service providers and others who help us run our site, such as credit card processors, website hosts, and email vendors.
  • Legal Obligations and Protection: We might need to reveal your info due to legal matters, complying with laws, stopping fraud or crime, upholding our agreements and policies, and ensuring safety.
  • Technical Data Sharing: Data we collect about your browsing and device, like via cookies and pixels, could be shared with third-party services and advertising firms. This helps us target ads better.
North Carolina Privacy Rights

We want to inform you how we share your info at Perfect Industrial, especially considering your Carolina privacy rights. You have certain rights regarding your data if you’re a North Carolina resident. You can:

  • Request Access: Ask us about the personal info we have about you.
  • Request Deletion: Ask us to delete your data (with certain exceptions).
  • Opt-Out of Sales: Say no to having your information sold.

You can contact us through the means mentioned in our full Privacy Policy to exercise these rights. Just remember, we’re here to respect your privacy and choices. If you want more info, just keep reading or contact us.

Data Security

Your data’s security matters to us. We’ve built a strong tech infrastructure, use encryption, control access, and conduct regular audits. Our trained staff follow strict protocols. When working with partners, we ensure their security standards match ours. We monitor for threats and responsibly handle data retention. 

Your peace of mind is our priority. Contact us with any concerns. Your privacy is valued.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We believe in transparency, so we want you to know that this Privacy Policy may change occasionally. We’ll update it to reflect new practices, services, or legal requirements.
So, whenever you visit our site, take a moment to review the Privacy Policy. If you continue using our services, you agree to the updated terms. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us. Your understanding is crucial to us.

Comments and Questions

At Perfect Industrial, we value your input and want to address any queries you may have. Please contact us if you have comments, concerns, or questions about our Privacy Policy or how we handle your data. 
Your feedback helps us improve and ensures that you understand how your privacy is protected. We’re here to provide the information and support you need. 
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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